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Free open source Sprinkler / Irrigation control software

Runs under Linux on Raspberry Pi

Welcome to SIP

(Sustainable Irrigation Platform)

If you are interested in putting together a DIY Raspberry Pi  based irrigation controller that can have custom software and hardware features you have come to the right place.

The core software is written in Python and runs under Linux.
The user interface, accessible via your favorite web browser, is created in JavaScript and jQuery. The web UI is responsive and usable on mobile devices including phones.

To get started see the instructions for setting up the software on the project's wiki.

SIP home page

Connecting to your irrigation system

There are several options for interfacing your Raspberry Pi to an irrigation system.

Which ever option you choose you can add an enclosure like the Orbit outdoor timer box or use a weather tight electrical junction box from your local home improvement store.

Customizing the software

If you are a programmer, or would like to learn, you can easily create plugins to experiment with new software features without affecting the core program. See the Plugins Wiki for information about writing plugins


you can select from a growing number of useful plugins shared by others.

To learn more visit the SIP discussion forum.